Healthy BBQ

Most people love BBQ, but it isn’t the healthiest option in terms of a meal. Sauce (depending on the part of the country) is very essential in good bbq. But sauce is made of a lot of sugar, and sugar is a key ingredient if you’re interested in gaining weight. ¬†Other than sauce and many of the rubs, BBQ can actually be a healthy option. Chicken is usually a great option for a healthier BBQ (removing the skin and skipping the sauce.). A good salt and pepper coating should be enough, but by adding some things to season your chicken like cayenne for heat, lemon juice or lemon salt for an acidity flavor, and a (small) touch of some kind of sugar like brown sugar or a tiny coating of bbq sauce to give it a nice caramelization and taste will do the trick. Remember, real bbq isn’t just throwing food on a hot surface and adding bbq sauce. Real BBQ is low and slow cooking and/or smoking. Throw a lot of vegetables in the mix to add in different flavors. Bell peppers are great to add a char to. It gives it a more smokey flavor and changes the taste profile. Keep away from the sugar if you can, but if you need to, keep it minimal. Remove any excess fat, but keep in mind that fat adds flavor, so if you’ve completely removed the fat and abstained from the sugar, there’s a chance your food may taste bland, even with a good touch of fire.

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